COVID-19 Resources for Electric Kick Scooter Riders

Hello fellow EKS rider! Amidst the pandemic, Scooterdex is here to help. We've made a list of resources where we provide you the information necessary to deal with the "new normal"

The enforcement in a nutshell


MECQ and GCQ allows EKS Usage


A statement from the DOTR confirms this allowing us to move for essential goods


Checkpoints are still in place


Be one of our growing community. Create an impact on the EKS community and be proud of making a dent.


More bike lanes opened


Public transporation has stopped operating therefore, people resort personal mobility devices. These have skyrocketed due to the "new normal" allowing the government to consider creating dedicated lanes for this.


Checkpoint Map in the Philippines

We created a map where we listed the checkpoints from ECQ


Front liner but need an EKS?


Our partner community, Electric Kick Scooter Philippines (EKSPH) has created an initiative called "Lend-a-scoot" to enable front liners borrow from other owners. If you are a front liner needing a scoot, contact EKSPH


Where to buy an EKS during the crisis?

As you know, a lot of shops temporarily closed during the lockdown. While we are uncertain when will the government ease the rules, it is best to contact the shop and inquire of their currently availability. As such, you can view the list of shops that have limited operations. Expect operations to be limited on basic repairs and restocking of units to take long.


You can also view the list of scooters from our page



 What do I need to present whenever going to checkpoints?

Employee ID or Certificate of Employment (CoE) are normally used. Other forms of basic documents can be welcomed such as a letter of authority from your company.

Read more:

 Can I do an inter-city travel?

I know you are excited for a ride but unfortunately as per quarantine rules (either MECQ or GCQ), essential travel is only allowed. There are still checkpoints where you'll be asked for a valid ID and your purpose of travel. As much as possible, stay at home and keep yourself contained from spreading the virus.

 I am an EKS rider an I need help on a community in my area

Don't fret. The Electric Kick Scooter Community (EKSPH) community has available clusters per location. You can ask help within the group if you need anything. You can join by going through the links below:

 Can I go for bi-modal commute with my EKS?

As of this writing, public transportation is currently closed off. It will have limited availability upon lifting to GCQ (General Community Quarantine) status.

 Where can I learn more about EKS?

You are looking at the answer :D Scooterdex is a platform that provides you these types of information

 Where can I learn more about the corona virus?

Know more about the virus with the following resources:


Stay safe!

We heal as one!