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*ADVISORY: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we might not be able to prioritize applictions at the moment but should you wish to apply, feel free to proceed and we'll try to get back.

Why should you contribute for us?


Passion for Electric Kick Scooters


Share your passion with like-minded people and let your thoughts be heard. You’ll learn to love scooting more as you engage more often.


Become one of the pioneers


Be one of our growing community. Create an impact on the EKS community and be proud of making a dent.


Learn more from veteran EKS riders


Scooterdex is an exclusive partner of the EKSPH community. Have the opportunity to work with those who are experienced and acquire golden nuggets.


Develop your editing skills


Scooterdex serves as your playground to get your hands dirty. We don't limit ourselves to anything so sky's the limit at your own creativity, be it blogging or vlogging!


Be recognized from your craft


Articles get a number of visitors and by any chance, it could reach a lot of readers. If your article/video becomes viral, you’d be recognized for your work.


Add more to your professional portfolio


Place your links in your personal portfolio and showcase the people the number of coverages you created.


What are we looking for?


In Scooterdex, our primary rule is we put culture first. That means you should be aligned with our mission -- to be the most preferred media platform for Electric Kick Scooters -- and not just do things for the sake of doing things.


Here are the traits that we look for as pre requisites:

  Joining with the purpose of fulfilling our mission

    Out-of-the-box thinkers

  Well cultured

  Loves what they are doing

  Passionate about EKS

  As a bonus, an advovate of micro-mobility


Qualified from the list? Great! What's next?

First, we recommend anyone joining us to read the ultimate guide. This serves as your pre-orientation to everything around the EKS ecosystem. This is not mandatory but best if you could read and understand.


Second, kindly fill-up the form. This consists of only 7 questions and is estimated to finish around 5 mins. Answer only once and do NOT spam. We will try to get back hopefully the soonest. This can get longer depending on workload.


If you pass the initial screening, we will contact you for an interview. Don’t worry, this interview is only once. We don’t like doing a lot of steps either!


Lastly, wait for around a week to get back at your application. We’ll usually get back within 48 hours but if in any case there’s no feedback a week from your interview, just follow us up. Response highly depends on our workload.



 Do I get paid to write/edit?

As much as we want to compensate everyone, we cannot promise anything in terms of financing. Don’t think of this like we’re exploiting resources. We want to be clear that all people who join us must decide with heart and knows what they are up to. Most of the work is done by passion with no guarantee of returns. Just so you know, everyone in the Scooterdex team are doing this out of passion. While the platform is still at its infancy stage, we hope to grow and give more perks soon to our contributors (and ourselves as well). We’re opening our doors to those people who have the heart to help with our mission. As part of our culture, the mission comes first and profit second so if you’re looking for salary-driven work, we suggest you look for something else. 

 What if I did not get the position? Can I reapply?

You certainly can! However, you have to know why you were rejected. Understand what got you there and know what you can improve so once you reapply, you’d have better chances. There is no buffer period upon the day of rejection. As long as you think you’ve improved over last time, go for it.

 Do I need to commit a certain amount of hours as a contributor?

We want to give full autonomy to our contributors as freedom is a great way to unleash creativity. As much as we do not like chasing deadlines, topics should be posted at the right time. By any chance a contributor has not made any contribution from a certain period of time will by default, terminate his/her contract. A minimum benchmark we’d recommend is at least 1 coverage per month (but still depends on other factors)

 Can I be a contributor even if it’s not related to content creation? I am interested in helping the community!

Certainly! We are open to any helping hand you wish to provide. In case you're curious, we’re also looking for people who can help us find EKS friendly establishments, parking spaces (bike racks), routes, and sponsors. If not related to those, we can always consider what you have in mind. Send us your interest by messaging us on our Facebook page!

 What are your tips to increase my chances of getting noticed/accepted?

We do not have a magic formula in our own application as everyone is unique at their own ways. However, to increase your odds of getting noticed/accepted, you have to show that you have the passion and characteristics to do the job. We’re not looking for experienced writers/videographers but those people who are interested in the Electric Kick Scooter space. Treat the form as if every word can make or break your admission. Show your love and passion to convince us that you are the right person for the role.


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